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As a local ministry, Jesus Celebration Centre  is an incorporated ministry of the Redeemed Gospel Churches Inc.   Redeemed Gospel Church was founded in 1974.   By the current Presiding Bishop – Bishop Dr. Arthur Kitonga.   Pushed by the desire of touching the lives and meeting people’s needs, he established an independent Pentecostal Church (Redeemed Gospel Church) in Mathare Valley - Nairobi. The church adopted evangelism, blended with social concern, as a wholistic approach for the total man – body, soul and spirit – to meet the needs of the Valley community.  Over the years, Redeemed Gospel Church Inc has spread its wings over the entire Eastern Africa and beyond and has a total of over 1000 branches locally.

The Lord I believe had in his heart to do a work in the Islamic City  of Mombasa that would rise beyond  the boundaries and into  international level to touch the Nations of the earth.   

In 1983   Redeemed Gospel Church opened a church in Mombasa. After a brief period the then Pastor of the newly opened church relocated and Pastor Wilfred Lai was then appointed to take over the church which had a membership of about 60 members.   In 1986 a vision was born that would take about three years without much happening physically but the Lord was preparing a great work of revival.  This revival brought forth what is know both locally and internationally as JCC – Jesus Celebration Centre.

God gave His servant Dr. Lai a vision of Mombasa city saturated with the Gospel of Christ.  People of all colours gathered with hands lifted high in Worship.   At that time, the city was predominantly Moslem.  Dr. Lai started his bold and aggressive declaration of this vision.  At first  this did not make sense to his critics and many of them called him a dreamer. Now past the nineties and into 2008, what then looked like a dream has become a reality and a complete marvel to many.   For all this we give God the glory.

Jesus Celebration Centre has grown from a humble beginning of 60 members  to the great ministry that it is today with a membership of over 15,000.   God has raised JCC as a pioneer ministry in our Nation and has been pace setter to many ministries in the following areas.  

  1. Pioneered interdenominational Lunch time services (daily Mon.-Fri.)
  2. JCC pioneered Television ministry in 1992
  3. Pioneered Morning glory services (early morning prayers – 4.00 am daily)
  4. Pioneered unhindered dynamic praise and worship which has become a norm of ministry in many churches now.

JCC is founded on four main pillars:-

  1. Prayer
  2. Unhindered Praise
  3. Dynamic teaching and preaching of the uncompromised Word of God
  4. Fellowship
  5. Evangelism

Over the years, the ministry has not lost grip of these pillars.

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Upcoming Events
School of Ministry Diploma Class Graduation | 21st Oct
School of Ministry Diploma Class Graduation
May 31st 2008 saw the graduation of 40 Certificate Students. In a colourful ceremony each student went out fully equipped for the work of ministry | 10th Oct
May 31st 2008 saw the graduation of 40 Certificate Students. In a colourful ceremony each student went out fully equipped for the work of ministry.
updated | 10th Oct
Zion Clinic
Zion Community Clinic is a social welfare program of Jesus Celebration Centre, Mombasa and an arm of the social programs of Redeemed Gospel Church, Nairobi. More